PackAlliance Hubs are meant to be centers of educational, innovation and entrepreneurial excellence in Circular Economy for the plastics packaging sector.

These Hubs will serve as a physical connecting space between High Education Institutions and companies in order to ensure further implementation of the Postgraduate Programme beyond the project lifetime as well as collaboration for exchange of good practices, innovation for new solutions and entrepreneurship for Circular Economy transformation within the plastics packaging value chain.

All students of the postgraduate programme will be grouped into CHAINS, which will be tutored collaborative teams of students to work on the specific industry challenge for a period of 2 months. These teams will be integrated into the PackAlliance Hubs.

To foster cross-border collaboration between national PackAlliance Hubs and also to trans-nationalise the Postgraduate Training Programme, selected students will have the opportunity to undertake a 2-month training placement in other CHAINS at other PackAlliance Hubs in ES, IT, PL and FI.